The PPG meets  Bi Monthly on a  Wednesday  at 7pm see below for date of next meeting  

 All patients are welcome to attend. Next Meeting 21st March 

You can access the minutes from each PPG meeting from the following Page MINUTES:   

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Patient Participation Group (PPG terms of reference)

The Patients Participation Group (PPG) is a voluntary group made up of Jenner Health Centre patients which acts as a link between the patients and  the  Practice  to feed up  patient health related issues and to publicise  information via our notice board. It has also been very successful in raising funds for the practice, having  raised over £5000 for equipment since its formation in March 2011.

The Jenner Health Centre is part of  the  Greater Peterborough  Local  Commissioning  Group (LCG) which is part of the Cambridge & Peterborough  Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The former Borderline LCG, made up of 10 GP Practices between Peterborough, Cambridge  and  Northampton, of which we were a member, joined with Peterborough LCG on 1st April 2016 to form Greater Peterborough LCG covering  29 practices.

The PPG meets Bi – Monthly on Wednesday evenings at the Jenner Health Centre normally at 1900 hrs. Normal meetings discuss items raised by patients, formulate social and fundraising activities and analyse/compile the Patient Survey forms. There is always at least 1 GP  and the Practice Manager at each PPG meeting. Special meetings are also arranged with speakers from  various  regional patient support groups eg  Alzheimers  Society, Epilepsy, AgeUK etc. Any items which are causing concern among patients can be raised at the PPG forum which meets  monthly , where issues are discussed by reps from each of the PPGs in the former  Borderline LCG. This forum will continue to meet in its present format until September 2016, when the future makeup of the Greater Peterborough PPG forum will be decided.  

The members of the committee are following the AGM held on Wednesday last week are as follows:-  As you may remember Gary Stewart and myself had to stand down as chairman and secretary respectively of the PPG committee as demanded by the PPG constitution. This states that an officer can hold his or her appointment for a period of 3 years only.  There was a reluctance by those present to take on the responsibilities and work of those roles however the positions have been filled, although there has also been a reorganisation of the duties of those roles.
Gary has become the Jenner Representative on the Patient Forum.
Jan Sharman has become the chairman of the committee.
Tracey Sharman has taken on the role of secretary.  You can contact Tracey on her email address  Please note that Tracey is in full time employment and is therefore not available for telephone calls. 
My contact details remain the same and I can be contacted on 01733 202782 if you need to discuss any PPG matters.
We want to raise the profile of the group and encourage as many patients as possible to join with us in order to fully represent the views of all patients in this practice.
Jan Sharman
Jenner PPG (chairman)

If any patients are interested  in taking a more active part in the PPG  or require more  information, please contact Jan Sharman.

NEWS bites 

Dear PRG members,  

You will find below the latest round-up email of news, press releases and items for comment etc.

We would appreciate it if you could address your questions and responses to the mailbox or directly to any specified team in the bulletin. 

Thank you

NEWS: NHS volunteers free online training course

Understanding the Health and Social Care Environment (UHSCE) is a free online training course for NHS volunteers. The Certa accredited course is part of the development offer from the NHS England national team to strengthen patient voice and is for current NHS volunteers who are interested in increasing their understanding of the health and social care environment and how the sector improves health. There are two rounds of the course starting on 20 February 2018 and 20 March 2018.  There is a £50 deposit (returned upon completion) to ensure participants fully commit to the course.

More information about the course and how to apply can be found here or email The deadline for applications is 15 January 2018.

Please share this info and the attached leaflet with your patient/service user/carer/public voice groups/networks.

NEWS: Government consultation launched on children and young people’s mental health

The Government has published a green paper on children and young people’s mental health. This is now out to consultation, which will run until midday on Friday 2 March, 2018. You can read the full green paper here and respond to the consultation here. The DH and DfE are finalising a number of consultation events for early 2018, including for children and young people, and details of those will be published in due course. Please feel free to share this information with your contacts and networks. Any media enquiries should be directed to the DH.

NEWS: Conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care

The consultation will close on Wednesday 14 March. We anticipate hearing a variety of views during the consultation period and it is therefore vital that the CCG voice is heard as part of this. We would encourage all CCGs to formally respond. In developing a response members should undertake engagement or consultation with their population for implementation of the draft guidance in line with the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act. This will allow for a rapid local decision to be made on implementation of the final guidance for each condition when it is planned to be published in April 2018. This would be for CCGs to determine based on the level of spend in local areas and their own policies for consultation and engagement. We will share broad levels of spend for the conditions specified in the next Focus On bulletin. For the list of items that should not routinely be prescribed click here.

What will happen after the consultation closes?

After the consultation concludes the joint NHSE/NHSCC clinical working group set up to advise on this work will be asked to quickly review responses and develop final guidance which will be published as soon as possible subsequently. CCGs will then be expected to have ‘due regard’ to the contents when making decisions on and developing their own local commissioning policies. It is hoped that by undertaking this engagement on the draft guidance during the consultation period decisions about implementation of the final guidance can be made swiftly, unless there are any substantive changes that the CCG believes it should consult on again.


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